The Route!

Here’s a general idea of our route. Some things to consider:

  • Google Maps only lets you put in so many destinations so this is not comprehensive, but does reflect the general line of route.
  • Things could change as we move along since we’re not sticking to a hard agenda.
  • Yes, we do want to see New England and other parts of the eastern coast we’ve never seen, but this trip is pretty much devoted to the far-away west.

As of now, we’re most excited for:

  • THE SOLAR ECLIPSE! Not entirely sure if we’ll be in WY, ID, or OR for the Solar Eclipse, but regardless, you can bet we’ll be atop a mountain taking in that miraculous feat of nature on the 21st.
  • Tree House Hotel in OR! This was one of my must-do’s. After a couple weeks of traveling and camping, it will be awesome to lay back amidst the canopy of leaves, listening to them rustle in that late-summer breeze off the Pacific.
  • The Red Woods, Giant Sequoias, & Yosemite! Can’t wait to feel flattened by those enormous trees.
  • Some beach time on the Pacific!
  • That red, beautiful desert.
  • The Chaco Culture National Historical Park, which houses south western pueblo ruins – ooo!
  • THE ADVENTURE ZONE! Live! If you haven’t listened to The Adventure Zone by West Virginia’s own McElroy Boys, get to it right now. We’re so excited to see them live in Nashville on our 1-year anniversary!
  • Finally, we’re excited of course about visiting some great friends, meeting new people, and learning new things.

Again- we just can’t do everything we want on this trip. We’d love to see Montana, Washington, and so, so much more. While 2 1/2 months sounds like an extremely long time, it’s extremely dwarfed by the expanse of our country.

Some things we’ve kept in mind while planning:

  • If a place is close enough that we can make a road trip of it in one long weekend, it’s not far away enough for us to invest in during this trip.
  • LIMITING destinations – If we try to visit too many places, we’ll see a lot and experience little. We’d like to spend a week at a time (or more) in places we really like so that we can really have time to meet people and get to know a place. Trying to cram too much in is simultaneously super tempting and super harmful to our purpose in the trip.
  • This isn’t the only trip we’ll ever take. We can see other places other times.

One thing each of us is excited for in moving from place to place:

  • Kathryn: Hearing the difference state-to-state. I can’t wait to fall asleep every night to different sounds of nature. In the east, we have cicadas and crickets. What will the west sound like??
  • Andy: Seeing and tasting the difference state-to-state. Tasting regional foods and seeing how the landscapes vary across the country.

All in all, we’re psyched for every bit of this route. There will be a lot of driving, a lot of roughing it, and a lot of different kinds of harsh weather. But there will also be a lot of magnificent scenery, a lot of outdoor time, and a ton of memories to be made!

If there’s anything along our route that you’d like to suggest, please leave us a comment to let us know about it! 

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  • Too bad you won’t be near Montana while we’re there. You’ll have to finally come to Pittsburgh when you get back to tell us all about the trip!!

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