We’re Back! On the Blog, Anyway.

That’s right. We  Are  Back !

Not in West Virginia – not until the end of the month. But we are back to the blog! We apologize for our long absence.

As the trip has gotten closer and closer to the end, we’ve been focusing on soaking up all of the experiences that we can without taking much time to sit down and reflect. Now, we’re beginning to do just that. In fact, we have written some things down, but haven’t taken a moment to format anything into a post to share with everyone.

So now, here we are…

Ready to share some reflections and experiences with you wonderful people as we journey our way back to those restful West Virginia mountains.

I’m writing this particular post on a bed (yes, a real bed!!) in Longview, Texas, where we’re renting a room from an extremely friendly 4th grade teacher, avid road-tripper, amazing decorator, and owner of many things antique – including a beautiful wooden traveling record player which was owned by her great grandfather. We were lucky enough to have her play us a slow and rythmic tune on that elegant and handsomely crackling wooden box, watching a needle lay so delicately on that black, shiny, old-timey record as it spun round and round against the backdrop of a warm dining room displaying photos of travels, family, and quotes to inspire a spirited and courageous life.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

We hope to get a blog post out every third day from now until we get back from our trip at the end of this month – can you believe it’s coming to a close?! We’ve certainly grown accustomed to this new lifestyle – a lifestyle that allows such flexibility that it’s no big deal to wake up on a rainy Tuesday and decide to just go for a drive and explore until you’ve gone up so high in elevation that the rain has turned to snow. And such flexibility that you can decide to up and start a fire amidst the snow and just sit there, the warm glow on your face as the snow falls on you and on the lake before you. Just sitting. And watching. And listening.

What a life it has been for the past two months.

So, over the coming weeks, look out for our posts! From now through the end of the month. Every third day. We’ll share little memories, big moments, and reflective thoughts about this freeing, clearing, and enlivening adventure that we’ve been so lucky to undergo.

For today’s post, how about a poem about sunny California?

I’ve never been a poet. But while in Arizona, I was inspired by some memories of California and couldn’t help succumbing to the urge to write them down in the form of poetry. Andy is the poet in the family, but he seems to think it’s good enough to post, so here it is! Some inspiration from our laid back time in the Golden State.

California: Golden Serenity

Something about

stillness and silence.

Opening yourself to all of your senses.

The cold sand when the sun is low, so soft against your feet.

The enveloping rush of wind, caressing your entirety

and freeing you as it whips from the sea-

strong, forceful, constant, and warm.


Something about

hearing your flip flops slap against the concrete

as you run through the streets,

hoping to reach the seashore before the sun sinks

to that mystical, glistening ocean below.

Feeling the struggle to let all but freedom lift off of you

and embracing the thrill

as your body and mind exhaust with the labor

and relish in progress.


Something about

how the movement of a gliding eagle -elegant and steady-

can transform a static and pristine mountain view.

The dynamic harmony

opening a channel

to see the life of those mountains – naked, godly, and magnificent.


Something about

noticing a smile

on your own lips

that hadn’t been stirred intentionally or knowingly.


Something about

the universe

and the beauty

and the blessing

of being able to experience it all.

Be sure to look for our next post, because I can tell you that the piece Andy has written is stunning and heartwarming. Check in to read about an inspiring couple that we met during our time in Utah. And as always, check out updates and pictures on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Thanks for reading!

… Adventure is out there! … 

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